My personal review of Dove Cresswell, Secrets of Dog Training, and Dogploma


Nicki, our older yellow lab

Dogploma Dog Training Course

My third choice was a little less popular. The thing that drew me to Dogploma was that the course was written by multiple trainers instead of just one like Dove Cresswell or Daniel Stevens. I liked the free lesson on the site so I figured I would give it a shot.

For this experiment, I used our last remaining test subject, Nicki. Nicki has a couple of bad habits like digging and running off. Plus I wanted to teach her to “lay down”, something I have been trying to teach her for years to no avail. Out of all the programs, this one was the most fun. It was only 15 minutes a day which keeps it interesting and fresh. Also, you can choose to use the ebook (150+ pages), videos, or ipod app. Now Nicki sits and waits before we go out and she hasn’t dug in a week (which has saved us cleaning our bed linens every day). And yes, she learned “lay down” as well as “shake”

This may not be the most popular course on the market but it’s the one I enjoyed the most (and I think Nicki did too). The lessons are laid out very simply and it’s nice having different formats to choose from. I’m looking forward to using this program more (I won’t confuse the other two mutts by switching programs on them).

Dogploma Dog Training Course